Sake breweries and sightseeing spots

Let's stop by! Sake Brewing in the Capital of Kyoto

Sake brewing in Kyoto has a history of over 1200 years.
Why not stop by a sake brewery in Kamigyo, Sakyo and Ukyo wards of Kyoto City that have passed down the history of brewing through generations?

Kura and Tourist Attraction MAP

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Matsui Sake Brewery [Sakyo Ward Kyoto City]

Matsui Sake Brewery has been in business for about 300 years. It has served as the official purveyor to many famous temples and shrines in Kyoto, including Kinkakuji Temple, Ginkakuji Temple, Kibune Shrine, Kamigamo Shrine, and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.
Located south of Shimogamo Shrine, west of Ginkakuji Temple and north of Heian Shrine.

Access “Higashi Ichijo” bus stop (city bus) or “Demachiyanagi ”Station (Keihan Railway).

Matsui Sake Brewery

Sasaki Sake Brewery [Kamigyo Ward Kyoto City]

Sasaki Sake Brewery, established 130 years ago, is located in the heart of Kyoto, a 5-minute walk from the the fopmer imperial palace site of Heian-kyo's Inner Palace.
Located north of Nijo Castle, south of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

AccessAccess: “Marutamachi Chiekoin” bus stop by city bus.

Matsui Sake Brewery

Haneda Sake Brewery [Ukyo Ward Kyoto City]

Kitayama in Ukyo-ward of Kyoto City, where Haneda Sake Brewery has been in business for 130 years, is well-known for its Kitayama cedar trees. They have been used as building materials for tea rooms and sukiya that have cultivated the tea ceremony culture in Kyoto, since the Muromachi period. It is also used in Shugakuin Imperial Villa and Kinkakuji Temple. Haneda Sake Brewery is located along the Kamikatsura River past Arashiyama, which is famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, Takao, Kozanji(houses the Choju Giga) and Jingoji Temple(built by Kiyomaro Wake, who advocated the transfer of the capital to Heian).

AccessJR Bus Keihoku Line“ Shuzan Bus Terminal”

Matsui Sake Brewery

Kura and Tourist Attraction

Kinkakuji Temple
© Rokuonji Temple

①Kinkakuji Temple

Founded in 1397. Official name is Hokuzan Rokuon Zenji.

Accesscity bus routes 12, 59, 204 and 205, Kinkakuji-michi.
25 minutes to Sasaki Sake Brewery using city bus line 204

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
©Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

②Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Founded in 947. Also called Tenjin-san, known as the god of learning.

Accesscity buses Kitano Tenmangu-mae, routes 10, 50, 51, 52, 55 and 203.
15 minutes to Sasaki Sake Brewery using city bus route 10

Nijo Castle e
©Moto Rikyu Nijojo Office

③Nijo Castle

Castle built in 1601. Its official name is Motorikyu Nijo Jo.

Accesscity buses Nijojo-mae, routes 9, 12, 50 and 67, or Subway Nijojo-mae Station.
10 minutes walk to Sasaki Sake Brewery

Seimei Shrine

④Seimei Shrine

Built in 1007. The shrine stands on the site of the residence of Heian-period Onmyouji Abe Seimei. Onmyoji were technicians with expertise in astronomy, calendar science, divination, etc.

Kyoto Gyoen Natural Garden Office, Ministry of the Environment Govarnment of Japan

Accesscity buses routes 9, 12 and 67 at Ichijo-modoribashi, Seimei Jinja-mae bus stop.
15 minutes walk to Sasaki Sake Brewery

Non-Verbal Theatre GEAR
© MATSUMOTO Narihiro

⑤Non-Verbal Theatre GEAR

The first non-verbal theatre without dialogue, started in Japan.
Long-running performances have continued since 2012.

AccessKyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station
30 minutes walk to Matsui Sake Brewery, 35 minutes walk to Sasaki Sake Brewery

Kyoto Station
© Kyoto Station Building Development

⑥Kyoto Station

The station has served as the gateway to Kyoto since 1877.

AccessJR Tokaido Line, Shinkansen, Kinki Nippon Railway, Subway, buses.
1 hr 30 mins by JR bus to Haneda Sake Brewery

Ginkakuji Temple

⑦Ginkakuji Temple

Founded in 1490. One of the pagoda temples of Shokokuji temple of the Rinzai sect.
Its official name is Higashiyama Jishōzenji.

Accesscity bus Ginkakuji-michi Routes 5, 17, 32, 203, 204, etc.
25 minutes on city bus 203 to Matsui Sake Brewery

Shimogamo Shrine

⑧Shimogamo Shrine

Founded in an unknown year (according to one theory, the 7th year of Emperor Sojin (245AD)). The official name is Kamomioyajinsha.

Accesscity bus Shimogamo-jinja-mae Routes 1, 4, 205 or Keihan Railway Demachiyanagi Station.
15 minutes on foot to Matsui Sake Brewery

Heian Shrine

⑨Heian Shrine

Founded in 1895. A five-eighths-scale reconstruction of the Imperial Inner Palace of Heian-kyo, built to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the relocation of the capital to Heian-kyo.

Accesscity buses on routes 5, 46, 86 and 202 at Okazaki Koen Art Museum and Heian Jingu-mae bus stop, routes 32, 201, 202, 203 and 206 at Higashiyama Nijo and Okazaki Koen-guchi bus stop, or from Higashiyama Subway Station.
25 minutes walk to Matsui Sake Brewery

Yasaka Shrine

⑩Yasaka Shrine

Built in 656. Shrine of the Gion Festival, one of Japan's three major festivals and Kyoto's three most important festivals.

Accesscity bus Gions Routes 12, 46, 58, 80, 86, 201, 202, 203, 206, 207.
20 minutes on city bus 201 to Matsui Sake Brewery

Kyoto International Manga Museum

⑪Kyoto International Manga Museum

Museum that collects, stores and presents manga materials, conducts research on manga culture, and presents exhibitions based on the materials and research.

AccessKarasuma-Oike on city bus routes 15, 51 and 65, or Karasuma-Oike Subway Station
22 minutes walk to Sasaki Sake Brewery, 34 minutes walk to Matsui Sake Brewery

Kyoto Imperial Garden
©Kyoto Gyoen Management Office, Ministry of the Environment.

⑫Kyoto Imperial Garden

Park encompassing the Dairi (Kyoto Imperial Palace), which remained in use from 1337 to 1868.

©Kyoto Gyoen Management Office, Ministry of the Environment.
Tel 075-211-6348

Access'Karasuma Marutamachi' bus stop on city bus routes 10, 51, 93, 202 and 204; 'Karasuma Imadegawa' bus stop on routes 51, 59, 201 and 203; or 'Marutamachi Station' or 'Imadegawa Station' on the Subway.
15 minutes walk to Matsui Sake Brewery, 18 minutes walk to Sasaki Sake Brewery



Area of many places of interest, including the wBamboo Forest Path and Watarigetsu Bridge.

AccessJR Arashiyama Station.
33 minutes on city bus 93 to Sasaki Sake Brewery

Kozan-ji temple

⑭Kozan-ji temple

Founded in 774. Temple with many cultural assets such as paintings, books and documents, including 'Choju-giga' (caricatures of birds and animals).

AccessKyoto City Bus "Tsuganoo" line 8, JR Bus Keihoku line "Tsuganoo".
35 minutes by JR bus to Haneda Sake Brewery

Woody Keihoku

⑮Woody Keihoku

Located along the Shuyama Highway linking Kyoto and Wakasa, in a forested village producing Kitayama cedar and other timber.

Access'Keihoku-godo-chosha-mae' on JR Bus Keihoku Line.
5 mins walk to Haneda Sake Brewery

This webpage is created using the sake brewery tourism subsidy from the National Tax Agency. Cooperation: Kyoto City.

Cooperation: Kyoto City.

Enjoy sake when you are 20 years old!

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